2010 Schedule

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Water Project Film Festival @ The Screening Room
127 E. Congress Street, Downtown Tucson
$5 total for one or both programs

6pm to 7:30pm: Local Shorts-  Featuring films about water by local filmmakers

  • Oasis Under Seige, directed by Sonya Angelica Diehn/Pan Left Productions (24 mins.)
  • My Liquid Self, directed by Valerie Constantino (4 mins.)
  • Waterborne, directed by Ryn Shane-Armstrong (5 mins.)
  • Green Green Water, directed by Dawn Mikkelson and Co-Directed by Jamie A. Lee (14 mins.)
  • River Without Water, directed by Quynn Elizabeth (3 mins.)
  • The Journey of Wastewater, produced by Laura Markowitz for Arizona Public Media (aired on Arizona Illustrated- AZPM Ch. 6 / PBS) (15 mins.)
  • The Thunder Followed, directed by Erin Garber Pearson (3 mins.)
  • Keep Water Knowledge Flowing, directed by Water Resources Research Center, University of Arizona (5 mins.)
  • Rain is Falling, directed by Holger Ernst, Germany, 2004 (15 mins.)

8pm to 9:30pm: Feature Documentary






The Water Project Festival @ Himmel Park with Solar Rock!
Tucson Blvd. and 1st Street, Central Tucson

Noon to 6pm: Enviro-Vendor Fair • Music • Food • Entertainment

  • Information booths- organizations, businesses, city/county departments
  • Water-related products
  • Speakers
    • Kids activities
    • Food
    • Live music entertainment
    • Art happenings
    • Water-themed costumes encouraged, though not required

    Noon: Vice Mayor Rodney Glassman, Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Ordinance

    12:10pm: Water Festival Performance

    12:30pm @ Himmel Park Library: Film program for kids and adults "Messages of Water"

    • Presented by Sandra Barkyoumb, student representative of Dr. Masaru Emoto
    • Dr. Emoto (featured in "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" movie) is donating books to kids
    • Water experiment


    SUNDAY MARCH 28, 2010


    Cross-Cultural & Interfaith Water Ritual @ Sabino Canyon
    Sabino Canyon Visitor Center,
    5700 N. Sabino Canyon Rd.
    $5 parking fee per car, downtown carpools available at 8:30am or 8:45am (see below)

    9:15am: Meet at Sabino Canyon Visitor Center
    9:30am: Walk, or take the 9:30 shuttle, up to Mile marker 1 picnic area
    (Shuttle runs every half-hour)
    10am: Water Ritual with song, prayer, reflection
    10:30am: Start return to Visitor Center, walk or shuttle
    11am-11:15am: Leave Sabino Canyon Visitor Center
    11:45am-Noon: Arrive downtown
    (Water will be displayed at an installation at Armory Park Center during the activities there)

    You may arrive at Sabino Canyon on your own, or meet at one of two locations to carpool. Carpooling not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also people in vehicles can share the parking fee of $5 per vehicle.

    8:30am: Armory Park Center
    (Meet on the North side of the park on 12th Street)
    Contact: Tom Mendola (520-400-4489)
    8:45am: Ft. Lowell Park
    (On Craycroft, North of Glenn. Go to parking area off Craycroft, meet by the pool)
    Contact: Deborah Mayaan (520-881-2534)

    Wear comfortable shoes, bring layers of clothing for the coolness of higher elevation, and bring a vessel for gathering water to take back, and your own drinking water (creek water is not safe for drinking).


    Water Project Education, Art, Action Workshops @ Armory Park Center
    220 S. 5th Avenue, Downtown Tucson

    1pm to 6pm: Enviro-Vendor Fair with products, information, and art

    • Businesses
    • Organizations
    • City/County Departments
    • Artisans
    • Art Happenings

    1pm to 2pm: Movement Theatre Workshop led by Jodi Netzer

    • Unique movement exercises for building body memory with water themes and more
    • Option to participate in festival closing performance

    2:30pm to 4pm: Policy Panel Discussion and Q & A

    • Moderated by Blake Gentry, United Nations Association of Southern AZ
    • Chris Avery, Tucson Water
    • Marcelino Flores, Tucson/Pima Water/Wastewater Study
    • Sharon Megdal, UA Water Resources Research Center
    • Vince Vasquez, Diamond Ventures
    • Rep. Daniel Patterson, State Legislature & Water and Energy Committee (inv.)

    4pm to 4:30pm: Food Break/Networking

    • Meet the speakers
    • Network with community members
    • Eat some food

    4:30pm to 5:30pm: Roundtable Brainstorms

    • Cari Spring: Collective Water Savings in Tucson
    • Clayton Nolte: Structured Water- What It Is and Why Is It Important
    • Dave Ewoldt: Mitigating Global Warming- Protecting Water
    • David Byrnes: Halve Your Cake and Eat It Too- Energy and Water Conservation at Home
    • Diana Rhoades: 1000 Trees Please!
    • Linda Ellinor: How To Take the Chlorine Out of Your Water and Improve Your Health
    • Ignacio Gomez: TCE Contamination
    • Mitch Basefsky: How CAP is Ensuring Reliable Water Supplies During Challenging Times
    • Ron Proctor: The Carbon Footprint of Tucson's Tap Water
    • Sandra Barkyoumb: Dr. Emoto’s Teachings of "The Messages of Water"
    • William Foster, PhD: The United Nations' World Water Assessment Project (WWAP)

    5:30pm to 6pm: Festival Closing

    • Short theatrical performance with puppets by The Conscious Collective
    • Community water pouring of the Sabino Canyon water urn
    • A few words on next steps


    After Party! @ Armory Park Center
    220 S. 5th Avenue, Downtown Tucson
    $10 per person (free for Speakers, Vendors, Volunteers, Kids-12 & under)

    6pm to 9pm: Eat, drink, be merry!

    • Catered food buffet
    • Live music entertainment
      Maya Caballero
      + One Heartbeat / Black Man Clay
      + Green Light
    • Connect with community members
    • Water-themed costumes encouraged, though not required
    • Get your watery groove on...


    After After Party!! @ People's Imports / Casbah Teahouse
    276 S. Park Avenue (off Broadway), Downtown Tucson

    9pm to 1am: Full moon celebrations!

    • More live music
    • More dancing
    • More connecting with community
    • Check out the amazing art from around the world



    Presented By


    TUCSON ARTS BRIGADE, INC. (TAB) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit participatory service-based community arts and education organization that specializes in Green Arts, offering intergenerational and cross-cultural opportunities for civic engagement. TAB facilitates dialogue and employs arts-based solutions to complex community issues including graffiti, bullying, crime, drug use, health and wellness, empowering youth and elders, beautification, sustainable design, and revitalizing neighborhoods. Bringing together schools, neighborhoods, civic agencies, businesses, and other non-profits, TAB is a national model for sustainable community development through the arts. MORE INFO: www.TucsonArtsBrigade.org