Community Water Poem

Water is Life

A community poem by participants in the 2010 Water Festival

Edited by: The Spiral Kid

© 2010 - Tucson Arts Brigade Inc.

Water is Life
Water is Power, necessary for life, wet,
For all living things on earth to survive

Flow – life is flow, water can teach
Flowing Nourishment
The universe’s most malleable computer.

Unfortunately, an underground movement,
And it’s everywhere, just not where we need it,

It’s plentiful, earth – the Water Planet.
Moving water from one place to another.
With each other, for each other,

72 percent of our body,
70 percent of the earth’s surface,

Not about spring water – plastic bottle
Drink, (filter it) this misunderstood commodity;
This miraculous stuff.

What every organism needs to survive,
Not a golf course;

A chemical bond, delicious, precious
Such a simple element that makes life possible;
A component of peace.

That which falls from the eye, makes-up the body, sustains us,
Sweet between my toes,
Power as it poured from my body while giving birth.

Aquarius the water bearer.
The gift of life, making our planet unique and exquisite,
Juice of the G-d’s.

Liquid imprinter of other things,
A receptive host, selfless
Giving, cleansing, modest.

The only thing we can’t live without.
Replenishing our inner being, our tangible body;
Connecting us to each other and to our environment.

It can’t be owned,
This life giving, flowing element;
As important to man as language or communication.

Cleansing, clear, cold or hot and soothing;
Beauty incarnate, mystical and ever powerful.
My ancestors drank with me today.

My Water My Body

Life Force 1 that ties all life together
Is Beauty,
The grease of living organisms.

Is most of my body and all bodies.
I remember drinking out of sparkling streams as a child.
Is delicious and polluted, nourishment and gift from G-d.

Is Swimming, gulping and refreshing, sustenance,
Makes me alive!
Is life soft, renewal, health, a continuation

Is health love hope, energy, flow.

Is like air to a balloon.

Is you and me.

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