NOV. 19 & DEC. 11, 2009
JAN. 14 & FEB. 11, 2010

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: Education / Message / Cultural Connections / Lifestyles / Healing Qualities
ENVIRONMENT: Climate Change / Habitat / Pollution / Human Impact
POLICY: Legislation / Local, Regional, Global Implications
SYSTEMS: Distribution Methods / Public Sources / Privatization
TECHNOLOGY: Old, New, Future Technologies / Water Harvesting / Conservation


- What do you know and what do you want to know about water issues?
- What designs, actions and outcomes would improve the method, efficiency, quality and other benefits of the topic?
- How would you creatively express these ideas in a performance or visual art experience?
- What are some of the best, most doable, and/or interesting ideas and solutions identified through this process?

NOTE: The ideas are opinions of the brainstorm participants, from water experts to concerned citizens.

A Couple of Extra Post-Its

Water to be reorganized and valued as the precious resource that it is River Resurrection

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